Local Seminars

NHMLA is pleased to announce a new series of Education and Training Programs for Local Government Officials, Managers, and Administrators provided by Attorney Members of NHMLA.  These seminars will be provided at no- or low-cost on a variety of important topics and often at multiple locations around the state to facilitate attendance.  Check back periodically and look for announcements in local media or through entities such as regional planning commissions.

Program #1:  Ethics in Local Government.

Local government officials and administrators will have the opportunity to examine and discuss issues involving ethical matters at upcoming seminars to be presented by NHMLA. This ethics seminar, provided at no cost to local officials and administrators, is the first in our planned programs, with future programs addressing the right-to-know law and social media use by local governments and their employees.

Either session is free to local officials and administrators who pre-register through NHMLA by contacting us.

Program #2  Right-to-Know Law – An Update With Emphasis on Electronic Records & Communications.  

This seminar will be presented scheduled after it is determined how the current legislative session may affect RSA 91-A.

Program #3 Social Media & NH Local Government. 

Government use of websites, Facebook and more, along with issues associated with public employee use of social media will be the topics to be addressed in this very important program.  Look for details coming soon on this program which will be planned for later.